Table column visibility and resizing

A big usability enhancement is now available with the addition of column visibility and resizing control. Now you can show or hide columns explicitly, and drag to resize them to your preferred width.

Column visibility settings are persisted to HTML local storage, meaning if you visit the page from the same computer and browser, your previously saved preferences will be respected.

Column size on the other hand, is only persisted within the same session. As soon as you reload the window, size defaults will be restored. Column sizes are also reset when:

  • Page width changes
  • Column visibility defaults are restored by clicking the “Use defaults” link in the “Display Columns” chooser, pictured above.


How to toggle column visibility

Click the cog icon located near the table in question. For example, on the agents page:

This will launch the column chooser, shown in the image at the top of the page. Check or uncheck the columns to control which are shown.

How to resize columns

There are small drag handles located at the rightmost end of each column header. Click and drag to shrink or grow the column. 

Note that since columns cannot exceed available table space, it may not be able to grow a column until another column’s width is reduced, or removed entirely.

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