Manage & Support from a Single Dashboard

HeartbeatRM was built to fill the void in remote access and management products on the market today. Explore our feature-rich platform and find everything you need to track, manage and support remote computers in a simple and affordable package.

14-day trial, no credit card required.

HeartbeatRM agent dashboard screenshot

Device Tracking

At-a-glance view of all your devices

View all your registered computers, their connected status, and where in the world they are located. Organize computers into a hierarchy for logical grouping and quick access or identification.

Remote Desktop

Connect anywhere, anytime

Take control of the desktop from anywhere, using only a web browser. Enjoy fast, low-bandwidth operation for superior performance on slower connections. It even works with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) sessions and multiple monitors. There is no viewer software to install, ports to open or firewalls to configure.

Multi Platform

Windows and Linux support

Our small footprint agent runs on Windows (x86 and x64) and Linux  (x64, ARM64, and ARMv7) systems. Access all your devices across both platforms from the same familiar interface.

HeartbeatRM agent file manager screenshot

File Management

Access files without extra hassle

Browse and manipulate the remote file system, just as if you were sitting at the computer. Quickly send or receive multiple files, leveraging compression and optimized networks for fast and reliable transfers.

With file management built-in, there is no need for Dropbox or other file sharing services.

System Information

Detailed inventory and health data at your fingertips

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CPU & Memory Usage

View live and historical CPU or memory utilization. Identify resource hogs by drilling down to see top processes by memory usage.

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Hardware & Devices

Simple views of installed hardware, complete with device problem or failure codes (ex: SMART). Easily collect model and serial numbers.


List running processes in real-time, and terminate any that are misbehaving.


See all network adapters and their connected status, IP address and DHCP server.


View installed programs along with their version number and install date.


Stop, start or restart system services. View the status and running user of any service.

Powerful Control

Automate and interact, without interrupting users


Automate common tasks and routines, such as:


Enjoy a native-like command prompt allowing you to execute commands and work with non-GUI programs, just like sitting at the machine itself.


Create, edit and deploy PowerShell scripts right from your browser. Scripts can be saved and shared with other users.


Shutdown or restart the machine. Optionally delay a shutdown or restart for pending operations to finish.

If you can execute it from the command line, you can deploy it as a package!

User Roles, Sharing, and Access

Provide full or limited access to others

Help Me App

Help remote users quickly identify themselves

Mobile Ready

Full access from your tablet or smartphone

Need to access your machines on the go? 

With responsive design the interface adapts to your screen size, providing top-notch usability no matter if you’re on a desktop or mobile device.

Access your devices from Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android


Questions about features? Let us know!

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